Project Mala 19'-20' · 05. January 2020
Two months have passed, one month still to go. This blog post is written on the shore of the River Gambia, in Kuntaur. Bird sounds resonate from all directions. We often see the most wonderfully coloured birds fly over the river, above the passing fishermen on their small wooden boats. Yesterday, we even saw a whole herd of cows crossing the river!

Project Mala 19'-20' · 07. December 2019
It feels like we took off from Schiphol yesterday, yet we are already one month later! Read this blog post to find out about our progress in our first month in The Gambia.

Project Mala 19'-20' · 02. November 2019
Luggages are packed. We are ready for departure !

Project Mala 18'-19' · 27. January 2019
The event was a success! Read further for more details.

Project Mala 18'-19' · 27. January 2019
After we have taken some time off to enjoy a little holiday break, we are back on the project!

Project Mala 18'-19' · 01. January 2019
We are halfway on our Gambian journey, read further to know what we achieved so far!

Project Mala 18'-19' · 11. December 2018
Do you want to see what we did the past month? Keep on reading!

Project Mala 18'-19' · 18. November 2018
The introduction week is over already, you want to know what we did? Read further!

Project Mala 17'-18' · 28. February 2018
We are back again in the Netherlands. Wonder how our last weeks went and how we brought our project to an end? Or maybe there is no end yet? Read further!

Project Mala 17'-18' · 08. January 2018
Teaching, Basse, Vacation.... A lot has happened and we are getting closer and closer to the end of our project. Read here what you have missed the past few weeks!

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