The last weeks

The Event was a success!! There where way more than 60 people and there was a lot of media present. It didn’t go exactly as planned but the outcome was better than we could have imagined. Pim even gave an interview for the camera about Mala and the YouthApp. It will be shown tonight on tv and posted on facebook. This event could not have happened without the help of all our sponsors, so again: Thank you so much for your support!!!

In the upcoming weeks there is still a lot we are going to do. First, we are going to the PGVS (presentation girls vocational school) to help them to give lessons in entrepreneurship.

Last years project gathered 900 euro for this school for microfinancing for the students that graduate and want to become entrepreneurs. We want to ask rosina how she is going to manage this money, who will she loan it to and what amount.


Then we will have a meeting with the GCCI to evaluate the YouthApp launch event and to look at the future of the YouthApp: How are they going to make sure the organizations that are on the app will see its importance and will want to contribute to making it a successful platform? Also we will make a promotional plan with them for the upcoming time.

The next meeting we have will be with Tekki Fii, a new 7 million euro project in the Gambia focused on supporting returned immigrants and youths and with a less formal background, to make it in the Gambia. They showed their interest in the YouthApp and the mala project in general, so we will discuss how Tekki Fii may be able to play a role in the continuation of the YouthApp.


Still a lot of things to do. It will be busy untill the very end!!