Half way!

Hi everyone,


We are in The Gambia for more than six weeks now, which means we are half way! Time to give you an update on what we have been up to.


As mentioned in the last post, we started a collaboration with the Gambian Chamber of Commerce and Interest (GCCI) on the development of the Youth App. The Youth App will contain all the information on opportunities for the Gambian youth. We have had several meetings with GCCI and also with the app developers to work on the application. The Youth App will be launching within the next few weeks and to promote the launch of the app, we will be hosting an event in the beginning of January. During this day, the youth can experience a real live version of the app and the opportunities that it offers.


In order to raise money for the realization of the event, we set up a fundraiser. This was an even bigger success than we could have hoped for! Within the first 12 hours we had already received over 80% of our first goal: €500. Because of the big success, we decided to raise our goal to €700, so we could reach more students with our event. Today we reached this goal as well, for which we are very grateful. We would like to thank everyone who has donated money in order to make the Mala Project work!


The past week we have visited different skill centers to see if they would be interested in the launch event of the Youth App. It was really nice to see how these different skill centers operate. Two students of the Gambia Partner Skill Center in Sanyang took us after the visit to Paradise Beach, which was a really beautiful and quiet beach.


Besides the hard work, we have also had time to relax. On the 5th of December, we celebrated Sinterklaas with a good movie and a bag of kruidnoten and we witnessed the Cup Final soccer match between Tanjeh and Brufut. We also have spent a lot of time on the beach and in the swimming pool of the Senegambia Beach Hotel, as Sanne her parents came over for a visit.



For the coming week, we will be focusing on planning and organizing the event before taking some time off to enjoy the holidays. We will keep you posted!