Ready for take-off !

In half an hour, we will travel to The Gambia to continue Project Mala! We, Sanne, Fien and Marnix are all looking forward to our three-months lasting internship.


Next week, we will have our “introduction week”, during which Barbara, our supervisor, shows us The Gambia and lets us meet certain important organisations. After that, we will be reaching out to important stakeholders in the field of entrepreneurship. We will also be giving workshops to students from the Gambia Partner Skill Training Center.


In December, we will be going to Kuntaur, in the inland. There we will meet with local organisations and entrepreneurs. We will also be giving workshops to students in the Armitage School in Janjanbureh. We plan also to coach them on starting a company.


All these experiences will eventually allow us to draft an incubator program plan that would be suitable for the inland region of The Gambia. Such an incubator, once set up, would greatly boost the job opportunities in the region


Keep an eye open for updates on the progress we make ! We aim to post a blog at least every month.