Long time no see

15 January


After we have taken some time off to enjoy a little holiday break, we are back on the project and are directing everything now to organize our App Launch Event.


Pim went with volunteer Bram and a Gambian friend to Dakar in Senegal and Cornelien and Sanne took their father and boyfriend on a trip through the Gambia to show them the beautiful country and its nature.


So the YouthApp Launch event is really starting to get close now, the advertising has been made and all the students and organizations are being invited.

The event will be attended by 60 people, of which 40 students and 15 from Youth Empowerment organizations. The idea of the program of the event is to start with a few speeches from: the mala team, the GCCI, a successful entrepreneur and the app developers will show everyone how the App works and its features. Then we will go upstairs to make time for networking. The students will have the chance to talk to the organizations in the Gambia that are here for them to ask how they can help them with starting new businesses. During this time there is going to be a table full of snacks and drinks.


Now all that is left is to invite all the students and organizations and keep personal contact with all of them, to make sure everyone will be present. With the students this was an easy task, as almost all of them own a smartphone and are easily reachable through Whatsapp. The organizations however took a little more work, because a lot of them hadn’t seen the invitation yet so we had to call every one of them to get confirmation that they would be attending the event.



The app is also almost finished now and we are very happy with the result so far.