Project Mala

General information

For the minor International Entrepreneurship and Development of the TU Delft every year between November and January groups of 3-4 students travel around the world to do projects. One of these projects is project Mala. This year the third group will travel to The Gambia to continue the project. The general vision is the same, but the project mission of each group is different. This way the project gets new and fresh energy and insights, while still being sustainable!


If you take a good look at our logo you will know what project Mala is all about. The bridge stands for bridging a gap. While the name Mala comes from the Mandinka language, which is the second language of The Gambia. It means 'to light', hence the light bulb in the sun. Together these components represent the general vision of this project;

"Project Mala wishes to bridge a gap between students and the job market to light up the path for young entrepreneurs in The Gambia"