This years project has started, sponsoring is not possible anymore.

Great that you are thinking about sponsoring the Mala project! Let's give you one more quick overview on what Mala is all about. 


‘Mala’ means ‘to light’ in Mandinka, the second language in the Gambia. It is not a coincidence that our project bears this name : we want to lighten the path towards starting one’s own business in the Gambia. Our goal is to help young entrepreneurs in the Gambia to start their own business. We will travel to the Gambia from the beginning of November, until the end of January. We will work hard to reach our goal in these three months.


This year, we will expand the previous years’ research into the job market to the inland of the Gambia. Next to this, we will also set up a small company with a group of students. We want to transfer enough knowledge to the students for them to keep the company working for the coming years. Our hope is to give the students the fundamental practical insights they need to start their own company.

Become a sponsor

The raised money will be invested into the company which will be set up with the students and into the necessary tools. We will provide assistance to the students and we will, together with them, decide into which tools we should invest. Besides this, we will also use part of the money to buy certain useful teaching material.


With your help, we will make young Gambians start their own company!