Update first month!

Hi everyone!


It’s time for an update again! We are in the Gambia for four weeks now already! We had a lot of fun in the past few weeks but we also started to work seriously on the continuation of Project Mala. The first week  we were a bit struggling on how to continue with the project. But after some orientation on the current situation and our personal interest we were able to formulate our goal: we would like to create a digital platform where the opportunities for graduating students are shown. After we formulated this goal we had to find a point to start. Like a women said to us in Kairoh Garden: “the start of doing research is never easy.” After discussion we found our first step: doing interviews with former students who are entrepreneurs now in order to find and which difficulties they discovered while setting up a business. The project team from last year already made an helpful start with answering this question and we wanted to find some additional information regarding the information that could be put on the platform. According to this we used these interviews to gather feedback on the idea of a platform. Besides the fact that we gathered interesting information it was really fun to do as well. Right now we are starting to collaborate with the Gambian Camber of Commerce and Industry on the development of an app and the marketing that comes with it! We learn a lot in Kairoh Garden as well, Transitieteam Zeeland was staying here for a week to work on the problem of youth unemployment. Their end presentation gave us some interesting new views on how to tackle this problem. Besides all this hard work we also have a lot of time to enjoy the beauty of the country and the sun! We like to go to the beach on Sunday, hang out in Kairoh Garden as well as our new obsession: watching Game of Thrones. Besides this we had a big party in Kairoh Garden were we danced all evening! We will keep you updated on the development of Project Mala!